Trampled under Feet

Guys get trampled under sexy mistress feet - pure trample femdom

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Mistress Nica loves to trample and that is what she wanted this guy to do. The mistress and her friends chose to make the guy strip naked and mistress Nica led them in trampling the shit out of him. He was trampled with high heels and he felt a lot of pain. He cried but they did not care about his pain or his cries. They continued their trampling until they got tired.

This guy was a con and he tried to con mistress Kira and mistress Nicole. But they realized the kind of person he was and they had to torture him. They did this in a way he would never forget and to that end, they used their bare feet to trample him. They did it together at the same time and they did it from head to toe. He cried but he stopped being a con.

Madam Mysteria noticed that this slave had bad breath, she knew that she had to dominate him and she did it as painfully as he could take it. The mistress trampled the shit out of him and he learned his lesson the hard way. He knew that he had to take better oral hygiene of himself and she would not ask him again. He did not want that pain again so he changed.

When this mistress noticed that this guy was doing things he was not supposed to be doing, she had to make him stop it and do the right thing. That is why the mistress chose to use her trampling and her ball busting to deal with him. He was forced to lie down and she crushed his nuts with her sneakers. He cried and told her he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Clarissa did not want to deal with someone who was full of envy. That is why she opted to cruelly trample and dominate this guy. She had come to find out that he was full of envy and she felt that such a person was not a good team player and that when consumed with envy, would not be as creative as she wanted her team members to be.

This old guy was a bother to goddess Gabriella and her friend goddess Scarlet. They did not want him to think that on account of his age, he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it. The mistresses chose to trample him and make him learn his mistake. He was in pain and he begged them to stop because he could not take it anymore. He also promised to stop being a bother.

Lady Johanna wanted to get a slave who would do things the way she wanted. The mistress did not hesitate to trample him with her high heels to make him do it but when she remembered that he did not look remorseful, she chose to chase him away after she was done humiliating him. The guy was in pain and out of a job and the mistress did not care.

Mistress Carla did not like it when her instructions were ignored. She wanted this guy to know that and that is why she opted to cruelly trample him with her high heels so that he learned never to do it again. The guy was shocked at what she did to him but then again he knew that she was not messing around so he changed for the better like she had hoped for.

When this mistress realized that this guy did not fear her, she knew it would not be easy working with him as she wanted someone who feared her so that he would not want to disappoint her. That is why she used her trampling fetish to crush and stomp on him. After what she did to him, he got scared of her and that is how he never did anything to piss her off.

This guy thought that this mistress was bluffing and giving empty threats when she told him that she would beat the shit out of him if he messed with her one more time. He messed with her on purpose and that is when things changed for the better. He was shocked that she did what she had told him she would and he realized that he had brought the problem to himself.

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