Trampled under Feet

Guys get trampled under sexy mistress feet - pure trample femdom

Mistress Nica loves to trample and that is what she wanted this guy to do. The mistress and her friends chose to make the guy strip naked and mistress Nica led them in trampling the shit out of him. He was trampled with high heels and he felt a lot of pain. He cried but they did not care about his pain or his cries. They continued their trampling until they got tired.

This guy was a con and he tried to con mistress Kira and mistress Nicole. But they realized the kind of person he was and they had to torture him. They did this in a way he would never forget and to that end, they used their bare feet to trample him. They did it together at the same time and they did it from head to toe. He cried but he stopped being a con.

Madam Mysteria noticed that this slave had bad breath, she knew that she had to dominate him and she did it as painfully as he could take it. The mistress trampled the shit out of him and he learned his lesson the hard way. He knew that he had to take better oral hygiene of himself and she would not ask him again. He did not want that pain again so he changed.

When this mistress noticed that this guy was doing things he was not supposed to be doing, she had to make him stop it and do the right thing. That is why the mistress chose to use her trampling and her ball busting to deal with him. He was forced to lie down and she crushed his nuts with her sneakers. He cried and told her he had learned his lesson.

When this mistress was misled by this loser, she had to torture and dominate this guy which she did without thinking twice about it. She hated being misled and that is why she had to do what she did. The mistress could not let the slave do what he had done to others so she trampled him with her sneakers and she made sure it was painful enough to be a deterrent.

Mistress Dula and her friends had boyfriends who were friends. But these guys had lied to them and went on to do things they knew were not ok with them. The mistresses waited for them to be back, grilled them and exposed their lies. They then trampled and stomped on them for the lies and warned them never to do it again or else the punishment would be worse than what they had already done to them.

This guy was a con and mistress Lily and mistress Misia were not going to let him get away with his ills. He had been conning people for a long time and he tried it on them but the mistresses caught him and punished him for it. He was forced to beg them for mercy in order for them to let him go. And he had to promise never to do to again.

Princess Valeria did not want to let this guy think that he was the boss of her and that he could do whatever he wanted without asking her first. She had noticed that behavior and hoped that he would change. But he did not and she had to punish him. She did this in a cruel way and he learned his lesson the hard way. He never pissed her off again.

Lady Sandy does not like lazy people and today was no different. The mistress had to dominate the guy and she did it with her bare feet. She laughed at the guy and ensured that he was in pain and that he knew what she was capable of in case he tried to piss her off again. He never did it again because he did not want to find out what else she could do.

Goddess Andova was not going to babysit a grownup and she had to punish him for lacking direction. Worst of all, it was an employee she had felt was promising. But he was not living up to his potential and she was disappointed in him. She had to trample him with her high heels to make him get a wakeup call and for him to do things differently. The plan worked.

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